Arnold Schwarzenegger: Sex is ‘Never Over’

arnold schwarzenegger 300x300 Arnold Schwarzenegger: Sex is ‘Never Over’

For someone who was caught up in one of the biggest, most shocking +Sex scandals of the last few years, you’d think +Arnold +Schwarzenegger would want to steer clear of any sex-related talk for the foreseeable future. The ” +Terminator ” +Star – who admitted in May 2011 that he fathered a son with his family’s longtime housekeeper – actually brought up the X-rated subject himself during an +Interview with Esquire, in which he finished sentences with his own thoughts.
About halfway through the questioning, Schwarzenegger was asked, “When you get older … ” he responded, “sex may change a bit. When you’re 65, it’s not exactly the same as when you were 25. But that doesn’t mean it’s over. It’s never over.”
With that statement, it would seem +Like he’s bragging about the fact that he still has sex … but with whom? In his memoir Total Recall: My Unbelievably +True +Life +Story , which was released in October, he claimed he wanted to +Work things out with his long-suffering wife Maria Shriver, noting that after they split he was still ” turned on” by her. But in an interview with “60 Minutes” to promote his +Book , the former +Governor said they are still headed for a divorce.